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  • Mandy’s Story

    About 3 or 4 years ago I asked my mum and dad for a letter for Christmas. Just that – no gifts. They both wrote explaining the decision they had made many years ago about my choice of musical tuition. Violin or harp. It had to be transportable – therefore no harp. (My father was in the RAF and moved from country to county regularly which is why the instrument that I chose to learn had to be transportable.) 

    Unbeknown to me, in addition to the Christmas letter they also commissioned to have a harp made for me. Due to pandemic delays it took longer than expected to arrive. My dad never got to see it.

    I began learning the harp via Zoom two years ago and continue to learn. Eight weeks before our spring concert, our conductor called me to say he had arranged a piece to include a harp part in our next concert. Was I up for it?

    Two weeks later, I adopted a full-sized harp from a dear and faithful friend in the orchestra. In that time I have learnt to replace strings (no easy task), tune and re-tune, use pedals and I have learnt the piece note by note bar by bar. This is not to mention moving the harp and shoe-horning it into my car!

    Our spring concert was only the third time I have ever played in front of real people, and the first in front of an audience.

    I have been supported by my dear friends (and uncomplaining husband!) through every step/note of this journey and I’m so grateful. What a journey, what an orchestra, what a concert, and what a special group of people. This was for my dear dad!

  • Calling New Players

    Calling New Players

    We are looking for new players and are particularly keen to increase the number of string and brass players in the orchestra. There are no auditions, but ideally we look for players to be of grade VII standard or above. We are able to be flexible on this however.

    Student Sponsorship: We particularly encourage students to join the orchestra under our student sponsorship programme.